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Red rosesApostles of love haveJust begun to bloomNow is the season of loveIn sunlight and under the moon.Sing  the song of love and happiness,In the beautiful moonlit nightNo, let not worries and tensionsHamper the blessings of heaven.Allow the feeling to brighten up our lives..... Read more
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How Dare We ??All this noise about Greta Thunberg and speculations  that all her bravery would go waste because people specially leaders will  not give a dime to her pleas  will  fall on deaf  ears because the (worldly) wise know that what is important is how to make money, who is bothered about environment and the sufferings the next generations will have to go through, as far as everything suits us now there will be other people to take care of the future.And nothing to worry everything does fall into the groove hasn't that been, how it has been till now !!???Specially in India this is how the reaction has been and will be  . We will keep on cutting trees... Read more
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Blogger: rajni sinha
अपने चेहरे से जो ज़ाहिर है छुपायें कैसे ?तेरे दिए हुए जख्मो पे मरहम लगायें कैसे ?दर्द जब हद से गुज़र रहा है तो ,छलकती आँखों से अश्क़ न बहाएँ कैसे ?दर्द देना लगा आसान तुम्हे आँसू हमारे  से क्यों घबरा रहे हो चुभन जो उठ रही है तुम्हारे दिल में बार बार क्यों ऐसे उसे नकार ... Read more
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कुछ शब्द बस यू ही दिल सेबहुत दिनों बाद आज कुछ फुर्सत के पल मिले हैवैसे तो मौका भी नहीं है , दस्तूर भी नहींलेकिन दिल ने कब मौका या दस्तूर देखा हैउस् ने   कुछ जज़्बात महसूस कियेऔर कहाअब लिख दो वरना  भूल जाओगीऔर वो अहसास उभर आये है कागज़ पर.याद आ  गयी वो पहली दिवाली त... Read more
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Blogger: rajni sinha
With no intentions of leaving the world . On MY Tomb Under these stoneslie the bonesof a merry old soulas merry as the soulof old king Cole.She loved to liveAnd lived to laughShe enjoyed life to the hiltShe was lucky to be lovedShe was lucky to be soughtBy all who were hersAnd theirs she always will beShe touched their handsAnd bade goodbyesaid"Nothing is permanent you seeBut I will always be yours ,Yours always forever will I be" ... Read more
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We are togetheryou and meand that is what matters most to me Come rain or hail or sunyour love is my  safest canopy.To me your love is lease of lifeTo me your love is the prettiest sightDo 'I' need  help when 'YOU' are there?your arms are the crutchon which I rely  .Oh! look at that distant glorious sightSee  that horizon that meets the eye .Where the sky engulfs the earth I am the earth and  you the sky When we are  together, you and meThe world then smiles and so do weUnder your caressing looksI breathedUnder your caring eyes I hope to die..... Read more
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Chained to destiny? Yes I am.Born a woman, a child with shacklesA human with no desires , a human with no choiceA human without a right, a human without any might.But not a human without any pride.Destiny ruled my being, destiny ruled my breathDestiny defined for me, the path on which  to treadDestiny guided me, destiny steered  meI was chained lest I may stray.But destiny could not kill that sparkWhich burnt in my head not in my heartI was destiny's childBrought up in the wild.Destiny is but written by othersIt's not my will of survivalThese chains and shackles are mere material, Strength is but not mortal.It  breaks the chains, I fly soaring highAnd ... Read more
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Blogger: rajni sinha
Doodh baraa ( as vadaa in dahi vadaa) I am happy to write that this post is being featured on ttp://www.evergreendishes.com/ in their Diwali special page Ingredientsmaida 2 katories water ----to be used as and when requiredghee ---for deep frying milk----2 ltrsraisins----for garnishing chironji---- for garnishing Sugar Free Natura to be used as per taste budsMethod  Mix water to maida and make a mixture of dropping consistencyHeat 2 tablespoons of ghee in the kadahi add the maida,  and water mixture and cook on a low flame stirring vigorously so that no lump is formed                    &... Read more
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Blogger: rajni sinha
A painting of mine oil on Canvas done many many years ago ( 1970) copied it from a magazine Thought I could share it here on the occasion of Shivaratri... Read more
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Blogger: rajni sinha
It's sixty-eight  years since the first .   Is there a change for the better ? Or have things gone from bad to worse This Republic Day ? That was just two years after  independence We were inexperienced and naive Its now past sixty-seven  why are we Still experimenting?till this Republic day ? .Am I writing this as a passerby Or am I just an onlooker  ?Am I also not responsible for    This Republic day ?We are honoring them who have toiled But they are only a handfulLet us together toil and   glorify our nation To be honored equally every Republic Day .... Read more
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Blogger: rajni sinha
 दिखा कोई  इक शाम दरीचों के बीच से ऐसेजैसे बूँद आबे हयात की आ  पड़ी हो मुझपेजाने कैसे उसकी नज़रे मुड़  गयी मेरी ओरकैसा था वो आलम. कैसे झूम  उठा मेरा  मन मोर।क्या  ऐसे ही दिल है लगता किसीअजनबी अनजाने से ?क्या इसको ही कहते है इश्क़ चलो पूछे हम जमाने से ####गर राह म... Read more
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Of late I have been watching a lot of movies and TV soaps . And I discovered that whenever a romantic moment is about to take place a mild breeze stars blowing , the hair of the respective protagonists gets  rustled and I smile !!! thank God all is well and you are still in heaven ,( This job used to be done by the  notes of the Sitar in  our days) .  I thought of writing this because these days I get carried away by the happenings on the screen ( just the way I used to about 45/50 years back) .  I like this style more because a cool breeze is easily available  than the Sitar players to help denote that  particular emotion . In those days I could neith... Read more
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The Itch You can't scratch ----by Sumit Kumar What a title !!! and if you think seriously no other title could be more appropriate to define one's life ---Life , life time   lifelong 'Life definitely  is that itch one cannot scratch ---you are brought into this world and you have no say in this matter  , then you have to go on living life until you reach the  final day which again is beyond your jurisdiction .This book deals with exactly that  ,  the path one's life follows till the final curtain is drawn. .Sumit Kumar has dealt with the simple mundane happenings in the life of any and everybody in the most interesting way --you go on identifying yours... Read more
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Blogger: rajni sinha
Two poems with positive thoughts  to welcome the New Year चलने को मन आतुर उड़ने को बेचैन कट गए  पर उसके आँखे रो रो करती बैन चारो दिशा   घनघोर अँधेरा उजियारा कही न क्षीण एक झलक सूरज की पाने मन हो रहा  अधीर कैसे कैसे क्षण  जीवन में कब और कहाँ से आते मान इसे किस्मत का लेखा सब म... Read more
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Blogger: rajni sinha
some hurried words to express some random thoughts नव  नया नूतन नवीन ये शब्द हर वर्ष एक बार अवश्य सार्थक हो जाते है जब वर्ष बदलता है कॅलेंडर। पिछला   हर क्षन इतिहास बन जाता  पिछ्ला हर वर्ष मौन हो जाता। आँखे जो सपनो में खो जाती रात दिसंबर इकतीस के वो जाग सवेरा देखती है एक नव वर्ष क... Read more
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Blogger: rajni sinha
 अपने चेहरे से जो ज़ाहिर है छुपायें कैसे ? तेरे दिए हुए जख्मो  पे मरहम  लगायें कैसे ?दर्द जब हद से गुज़र रहा है तो ,छलकती आँखों से अश्क़ न बहाएँ कैसे ?****************************************** खुली किताब के सफ़्हे उलटते रहते हैं जैसे ज़िन्दगी के वाकिये बदलते  रहते हैकिताबो को तो बंद कर ... Read more
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Blogger: rajni sinha
Tata GenX Nano Automatik – The next generation small car is one of the best compact hatchback available at low price in Sri Lanka. It’s technologically advanced features takes driving to the next level. This Nano automatic car features include fuel efficiency, electric power-assisted steering with speed sensitivity, huge luggage space and Music system with Bluetooth connectivity to make long drives more joyful.  Their advertisement says BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE AUTOMATIK and rightly so because best things in life are automatic . Just  as one does not  have to wait and click for the morning sun to bring its freshness and positivity onto the earth,it comes up automa... Read more
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Blogger: rajni sinha
OZiva Protein & Herbs – For every Indian woman who puts her family first!Women all over the world and specially in India have the tendency to keep themselves and their needs behind the curtains always fulfilling the needs of their family first --and while doing this they tend to ignore and forget their own needs their own requirements and don't realize that in this way they are actually harming their family in the long run because neglect makes them ruin their health leading to neglect of family and they also become a burden on them for whom they have reached this stage --as a result a lot of sadness and self pity follow leading to general unrest , discords and social as well as family... Read more
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 कुछ ख्याल यू  ही से  ******************कोई पार नदी के  गातामनभाता मन को  लुभातामन हो जाता विरहीजब प्रणय बोल सुनाता**************** खामोश लबो पे मुस्कराहट की है सौगात फिर भी आंसुओ से भरी  निगाहों को नहीं आता है यकीन आज अभी टूट ती साँसों को शकोशुबहा है इसलिए खुद पर इतना ... Read more
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Its Teachers day today  and we are celebrating it all over the country .Every school has organised a function  and the government too felicitates teachers today .  We too should say thankyou to our teachers who did contribute in shaping our personalities Though some of them did leave a sad impression on our minds .We have had good teachers and bad . While some of them were loved and respected some were dreaded .The dreaded ones were of two kinds : one who were dreaded for their strictness and disciplinarian attitude but we knew that they meant good and  all their strictness was aimed at making us better persons.The other species of this kind was a  frustrated lo... Read more
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Blogger: rajni sinha
If ‘Gandhi’ was made in 2016…With its proposition of'WohZamaanaKareDeewana', Zee Classic is India's only Hindi movie channel that endeavors to recreate the magic of iconic classics and new age cinema by showcasing not just the films that shaped Indian cinema but also acquaint viewers with the creative talent who were a part of that timeless era. In order to mark the occasion of India’s 70th year of independence, Zee Classic premieres One of the most iconic films of all times, Gandhi (1982) was produced and directed by Richard Attenborough and written by John Briley. Starring Ben Kingsley, RohiniHattangadi, Edward Fox, Roshan Seth, amongst others. The story is thatof an Indian lawyer ... Read more
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Today 6th August we commemorate the unfortunate incident of the Bombings on the Japanese city of HiroshimaAn Acrostic poem using the letters H.I.R.O.S.H.I.M.A.Henoious actInhuman act'Rain of ruin' you called it thatO cruel man  !Should you ?Have threatened thus ?Innocent were soulsMaimed were so manyAfter seventy  years aggrieved they remain still... Read more
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Blogger: rajni sinha
Just finished reading the book " the story of a suicide " by Sriram Ayer . It is a gripping book which deals with the problems faced  by youngsters today and the ways and means of overcoming them . How these characters are driven towards depression , frustration and loneliness . But then yes these very three words are the reasons which lead to feeling of dejection culminating in a desire to run away from all this and finally to end ones life in order to escape .I have said that the book is gripping I used the word gripping because the problems shown and showcased are so rampant in society' today" ,  nearly every youth girl or boy is facing them the reasons may be many; more ex... Read more
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Blogger: rajni sinha
"And the Jhelum flows" --a book by Ramendra Kumar published by  Authors Ink publications deals with the happenings in Kashmir . It is an unbiased portrayal of the life and conditions  prevalent  in Kashmir . The good the bad and the ugly ---the good that was , the Bad that came in and the Ugly that is now prevailing .The Good used be the days when The Emperor Jahangir had said( Gar Firdaus Bar rue jaminasthaminasto haminasto  haminast " meaning if there is heaven on earh it is here it is here  it s hereAnd those days continued to decorate Kashmir till the 1980s there were no hindus or muslims there were only Kashmiris .The book is written in the form of a travel... Read more
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