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“If you want to sell your product, you first need to have a better marketing strategy.” This is one of the foremost principle of selling a product in market and this does apply to government who wants to push a major reform. At first, NDA government- II has failed to generate a marketing strategy for the “The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Rehabilitation and Resettlement Amendment Act”, which is famously known as “Land Acquisition bill”. Second, name of act which is known to public itself put forward negative image of the bill. It would have been much better in government had started discussion with farmer’s group long back and started explaining details of act ... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
Last year when Yahoo employee received email from Human Resource about ending the work from home (Telework) facility and asked employee to come to office, it received some positive and negative criticism with in IT and Product companies. A sentence from HR memo to employee which caught my attention was “Some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions, meeting new people, and impromptu team meetings”.Until last year, I was handling Device testing team responsibility in Tech Mahindra’s Bellevue office where as Team lead one of my jobs was to facilitate solutions to my team’s problems. That sentence from memo caught my attention because it was partial... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
Illegal Construction, encroachments and illegal occupants are not new in our country and we can spot many of such cases in our neighborhood and in all over the country. We live in a country where our laws are such that on one side culprits of Adarsh Society scam roam freely, and their illegal building stand still and on other side tax paying residents from Campa Cola Society are evicted from their home. Buildings such as Adarsh Society, Campa Cola Society and many others are violating CRZ ( Coastal Regulation Zone) Act which was passed to Protect India's Coast from urban development, tourism, recreational activities and resource exploitation. An Impending demolition ... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
If you have watched news channel in last 48 hours, you would have noticed Delhi citizens complaining about power crisis. Their complaint is worth to look and address especially in this scorching heat and even when many parts of country faces the same problem not only in summer but throughout the year. India still have many villages where there are no Electricity, many small cities which face 4-6 hours power cuts every day or receive only 4-6 hour power every day.If you research about the reasons of the power crisis in Delhi, you will easily come to know, how inaction of government and illiteracy of educated class is responsible. It is worth to note that Delhi even being a smal... Read more
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मित्रो सादर वन्दे, इस वक्त देश एक दोराहे पर खड़ा, देश के भाग्यविधाता की तरफ देख रहा है, और वह उनसे उम्मीद कर रहा है कि वह इस देश को सामाजिक, संस्कृतिक और आर्थिक प्रगति पर ले जायेगा. मैं मध्य प्रदेश को एक बुरे दौर से अच्छे दौर और अँधेरे रूपी अज्ञानता से उजाले रूपी ज्ञानता की ... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
In one of my Facebook post related to "Kejriwal Choosing to go to Jail, Instead of filing the Bond", My friend asked few questions related to "Defamation case", "Corruption Allegation against Gadkari" and Mr. Modi's "AK-49" Remark. I thought it would be much better to set the things right and in front of people with all background information and my understanding on these points. When we see any issue which is related to government functionary, we must remember that we are a civilized democracy where we all came together, Selected our representatives to form Constitution and a government which pass the Laws. Our constitution defines Work and Responsibilities of Government, Constitutiona... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
In one of my Facebook post related to "Kejriwal Choosing to go to Jail, Instead of filing the Bond", My friend asked few questions related to "Defamation case", "Corruption Allegation against Gadkari" and Mr. Modi's "AK-49" Remark. I thought it would be much better to set the things right and in front of people with all background information and my understanding on these points. When we see any issue which is related to government functionary, we must remember that we are a civilized democracy where we all came together, Selected our representatives to form Constitution and a government which pass the Laws. Our constitution defines Work and Responsibilities of Government, Constitutiona... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
हम करें राष्ट आराधनातन से मन से धन सेतन मन धन जीवनसेहम करें राष्ट आराधना………………।।…धृअन्तर से मुख से कृती सेनिश्र्चल हो निर्मल मति सेश्रध्धा से मस्तक नत सेहम करें राष्ट अभिवादन…………………। १अपने हंसते शैशव सेअपने खिलते यौवन सेप्रौढता पूर्ण जीवन सेहम करें राष्ट का अर्च... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
यह कल कल छल छल बहती क्या कहती गंगा धारा ?युग युग से बहता आता यह पुण्य प्रवाह हमारा ।धृ|हम ईसके लघुतम जलकण बनते मिटते हेै क्षण क्षणअपना अस्तित्व मिटाकर तन मन धन करते अर्पणबढते जाने का शुभ प्रण प्राणों से हमको प्यारा ।१|ईस धारा में घुल मिलकर वीरों की राख बही हैईस धारामें क... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
Dear Election Commissioner,I write to you to draw your attention to important matter regarding making polling stations more disabled-friendly.It is important that every eligible voter is our country gets chance to use his/her vote in election, however Election commission steps to give facilities for 19 million eligible person with disability have not been satisfactory. This, despite Supreme Court ruling where it directed Election commission to make polling station accessible to voters with Disabilities. The office of the CEO of Delhi has provided for the registration of persons with disabilities and their nature of disability on a website. Sign language experts have been put on standby ... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
We all know how congress has given birth to dynasty politics and have been giving air and water so that it continue to control our Political System. For Loksabha Election 2014, Congress announced that Prem Chand Guddu will be candidate from Ujjain Loksabha Seat. Last year Congress leader Noori Khan had accused Guddu of masterminding the farce to ensure his son contests in assembly election. This article will mostly include content from news website which will give idea how State leaders from congress party plays the conspiracy to put forward his family in party and for election candidature and turn the Election to "Family Business"Article-> बेटे क... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
Since there are talks about Wikileaks tweets related to Mr. Modi, I would like to present some other information which these Leaked cables have presented about Mr. Modi and his work as Gujarat Chief Minister. Whether it is told by Wikileaks or Congress Leader, what matters is that he is un-corruptible and he is one of the leader who think about common people and have shown capability of leading country based on his performance as Chief Minister of Gujarat. Now Since we are talking about WikiLeaks and cables, few cables show, how US government had supported and showed more friendly behavior with Congress party. US was never in Favor of BJP Leading Indian Government. Below leaked cable sh... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
Everyone is talking about how coming government should act after election. We all have some random thoughts about how as a country we should improve and what policy government should bring. I am listing few of my thoughts, which always comes in my mind and pushing them as my suggestion to party to implement if we come into government in coming 2014 election. Governance, Police and Judicial We have many laws which were passed before Independence and after independence. Based on the way society has changed  today and with use of technology, we should push for change in such laws and policy. These old laws gives way for corruption and biased development of the people. Few example... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
Evolution of Digital applications such as YouTube, Vimeo etc., E-books, and online learning modules has transformed education in many countries. Our country has also seen this transform with slow pace with government setting up NEPTL with IIT’s and IIS’s and many other private institutions giving online learning platform, however we have still not reached to the level where our student can attain valuable and certified online courses. As of today, our youth has been using smartphone for following educational or social connectPhone callsText services to interact with education fellow students, teachers, institutes, government and private services.Use of Emails to interact with colleges fo... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
Recently an article was posted by TOI Authored by Subodh Varma which mentioned that two important aspects of people’s lives- education and health shows up an unexpectedly dismal picture in Gujarat. Many of the statistics provided in article are from 2008 to 2010 and doesn't show current statistics of the state. Author wrote this article based on MHRD 2010-11 report which is current in provisional status and not final one. Also report clearly indicate- Report clearly Indicate “Gujarat has provided School data for Classes VIII–XII only and not for Classes I-VII. Hence, data for Classes I-VII have been repeated from the year 2009-10. Gujarat has not shown the figures on number of Schools,... Read more
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चलो जलाये दीप वहाँ जहाँ अभी भी अंधेरा है॥धृ॥स्वेच्छाचारी मुक्त विहारी युवजन खाये ठोकर आजमै और मेरा व्यक्ति केन्द्रित विचार मन मे करता राजनष्ट-भ्रष्ट परिवार तन्त्र ने डाला अब यहा डेरा है ॥१॥सुजला सुफला धरती माँ को मानव पशुओ ने लूटापृथ्वी माँ हम बच्चे उसके किया भाव य... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
There is no doubt that Reliance has always find it's way to get more profit from business it opt in by finding the loop holes in law and there will be political support for them as well. However today's action by Delhi Government looks like another way to find it's name in story. This case is already in court and opposition parties had opposed it way back. They didn't end their opposition on this just in allegation but took the court route as well. Now Regarding BJP's action you can see by reading the reporthttp://www.business-standard.com/article/economy-policy/left-parties-and-bjp-oppose-hike-in-natural-gas-price-113062900033_1.html http://www.bjp.org/media-resources/press-releases/pr... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
Our country's 12th president Mrs. Pratibha Patil once said - "Corruption is the enemy of development, and of good governance. It must be got rid of. Both the government and the people at large must come together to achieve this national objective." Though many would not see our 12th president as one of the inspiring person to follow but above words does point to a peculiar thought with solution to corruption in any country. If any country needs to get rid of corruption, there is only one solution which is joint operation of people and it's government. Her thought received it's approval theory, when Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched Anti Corruption helpline to ... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
As a *AAM Adami* liked the idea of Party asking whether to form govt or not but as Educated and aware person who has knowledge on democratic system, think AAP had decided to form govt before announcing this referendum and took this decision to get more media frame and finding reason to form govt. This is confirmed by Data mentioned below.This Referendum only served a reason to them so that they can say "Janta Asked us to take Congress support and form govt". In General Election 30% people in Delhi gave vote to AAP with "Anti-Congress" thought but AAP prefer to stay with their referendum which was not even 10% of those 30% people. Would not wrong to say that most of these 197000 or other Jans... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
"पालक", "परिजन"शब्द का भारतीय समाज में बहुत महत्व है और इनसे जुड़े कर्त्तव्य और जिम्मेदारिया और भी बढ़ कर है. इतिहास में राजाओ को प्रजा का पालक या परिजन बताया गया है जिसकी जिम्मेदारी प्रजा के सुख दुःख में भागीदार बनना और वो कदम उठाना रहा है जो प्रजा के सामाजिक और आर्थिक उत्... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
Tweets about "#vision2018"!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=p+"://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs");... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
Let me say this first, politically or socially correct agenda and words are rare to find in today's era. As we progress towards more democratic society with people more focused to their personal leisure, a person's happiness can cause trouble to other person or put his life in misery.Recently Micromax came up with an ad on this Deepawali with Hugh Jackman where they asked people to enjoy noise free Deepawali i.e. Deepawali without fireworks. It is appreciable act by both Micromax for idea and Hugh Jackman for participating and conveying the message to everyone. For those who haven't watched this here is the YouTube Video of this ad.The reason Micromax and Hugh Jackman came up with this ad be... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
Amendment in Representation of People Act to allow NRI voting online or using postal ballot in electionsWhile we celebrate and feel proud being part of world’s largest democracy, there are many unanswered questions which indeed raises doubt on Future of our country and its citizens. In 2009 General election voting percentage was around 58.19% which showed how in large number, Indian people showed their interest in setting up Government which can work for advancement of people and progress. Even being World’s largest Democracy, there are still many people to whom basic right of Voting is still a dream. These people include both educated and uneducated.Here I am talking about a community w... Read more
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Blogger: सत्येन्द्र ठाकुर
US was never in Favor of BJP Govt, #WikiLeaks show how happy US Govt was when they saw Cong wining & left/BJP. Refer WikiLeaks- http://www.wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/09NEWDELHI998_a.htmlIn 2009 US Cable says, BJP lost Election as they had Had "Hindu Nationalist" as PM Candidates,lets see their prediction in 2014. When US mention BJP PM Candidate as "Radical Hindu Nationalist", they are called as secular Govt but when @narendramodi Ji, a Hindu and Nationalist call himself "Hindu Nationalist" he is considered as "Communal". Point I want to mention that in today's time, a Hindu can't say that he is Hindu. If he does, he is called Communal. When others says then no one finger point them... Read more
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