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National crime Records Bureau data show that among all major crime including murder, robbery or kidnapping, instances of rape have rise n at the steepest rate in the past 40 years. Incidents of rape in the  country have increased by 791% since 1971, whereas murder increased by just 240% and robbery by 178%. Kidnapping increased by 630%- but even this in less then the rate of rise in rape cases.Why has sexual violence on women increased in such an alarming manner? The NCRB data itself provides one of the an answers: conviction rates for rate dipped from 41% in 1971 to 27% in 2010. Conviction rates for other crimes against women- dowry death., cruelty by husband and relatives, trafficking , m... Read more
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Blogger: gchakravorty
 किस ओरहरियाणा राज्य के सरकार मे तैनात एक ईमानदार छवि वाले 1991 बैच के आईएस खेमका ने इंडिया अगेंस्ट करप्शन  के अरविन्द केजरीवाल के द्वारा सोनिया गँधी के दामाद वाड्रा के ऊपर लगाये आरोपों का संज्ञान लेते हुए वाड्रा- डीएलफ डील्स की जाँच के आदेश देने के बाद अक्टूबर 2012 को  ही उ... Read more
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