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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
I clicked these photographs sometime back at Dilli haat. Sharing them here in a hope that they will be a pleasant watch for eyes. Enjoy!Folk DancersHandicraft shops inside Dilli HaatFaces Carved on a vaseStatues made by potters.Colorful LampsEnlightened beadsLovely necklacesMasks... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
Ants taking dead earthworm. Others going on another food hunt...(Click picture to enlarge)... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
(Click on the image to Enlarge)P.s. Feel free to pour in your views!... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
So its a Mark Zuckerberg's Birthday today. Let me count some Tens on Why Facebook (fb) is a great invention!!!1. You get connected to the people you want. (even those you don't want! :P) Good connectivity is what matters!!!2. You no more forget any birthdays and special events... Especially of the wives and girlfriends. Life has become less challenging!3. You don't need to worry about your spouses' or children's affairs. Out of the habit of status updates and photo tags you can trace them anywhere!!! 4. Photos updates give you an idea what is missing in you own life to make it more exciting. As they say it "An idea can change your life...."5. House wives are no more cribbing about being idle... Read more
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Blogger: Shesha Chaturvedi
A day when we'll realize our dreams, do what we want to. A day when somebody in a dire need for money will win a lottery; a guy at a beer bar will get a free beer; someone will get back one's love; the couple who have been working day and night will pay off all their bills; a man who has been saving for the day will enjoy all his savings; a critically ill guy will get well. A day when system will change, life will change; a day when we will fulfill all our responsibilities and live a free, untangled life or as some say a day when we all will die .Tomorrow is a day that no one has ever seen or been into, but we all fear, worry, plan, dream and live for it."...though Tomorrow never comes." ... Read more
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