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Oneday Kerry celebrated her birthday. Two days later her older twin brother,Terry, celebrated his birthday. How come? Solution At the time she went intolabor, the mother of the twins was travelling by boat. The older twin, Terry,was born first early on March 1st. The boat then crossed the International Dateline (or any time zone line) and Kerry, the younger twin, was born on Februarythe 28th. In a leap year the younger twin celebrates her birthday two daysbefore her older brother. ... Read more
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Aman is found dead in a field. He is clutching a broken match. What happened? Solution Heand a number of other passengers were making a balloon trip in a desperateattempt to flee a country. The balloon had to lose weight to stop it fromcrashing. He drew the short match and had to jump.... Read more
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Ablind beggar had a brother who died. What relation was the blind beggar to thebrother who died? (Brother is not the answer).Solution Theblind beggar was the sister of her brother who died. Thispuzzle is one of a type that depends on the listener making implicitassumptions about gender - in this case that a blind beggar is a man. Similarpuzzles involve surgeons who refuse to operate on their sons etc. This isprobably the best of the class because it is very simply stated... Read more
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Aman was walking downstairs in a building when he suddenly realized that hiswife had just died. How? Solution Theman had visited his wife in hospital. She was on a life-support machine. As hewas walking down the stairs all the lights went out. There had been a power cutand the emergency back-up systems had failed. He knew that she had died.... Read more
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Twomen went into a restaurant. They both ordered the same dish from the menu.After they tasted it, one of the men went outside the restaurant and shothimself. Why? Solution Thedish that the two men ordered was albatross. They had been stranded many yearsearlier on a desert island. When the man tasted albatross he realized that hehad never tasted it before. This meant that the meat he had been given on theisland was not albatross as he had been told. He correctly deduced that he hadeaten the flesh of his son who had died when they first reached the island. ... Read more
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Aman went to a party and drank some of the punch. He then left early. Everyoneelse at the party who drank the punch subsequently died of poisoning. Why didthe man not die? Solution Thepoison in the punch came from the ice cubes. When the man drank the punch theice was fully frozen. Gradually it melted, poisoning the punch. ... Read more
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Whyis it better to have round manhole covers than square ones? Solution Asquare manhole cover can be turned and dropped down the diagonal of themanhole. A round manhole cannot be dropped down the manhole. So for safety andpracticality, all manhole covers should be round. ... Read more
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Aman rode into town on Friday. He stayed for three nights and then left onFriday. How come? Solution Theman's horse was called Friday. ... Read more
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Somebody would like to have a new garden with 10 trees which have to stand in 5 rows of 4 trees each. How can he or she achieve this?After the new garden has been layed out, neigbor Sym becomes enthousiastic. He says: "I also would like to have a new garden with trees. But it should have 12 trees which have to be planted in 6 rows of 4 trees each. Furthermore, my garden should be symmetric." How will his garden look like? And can you tell something more about Sym?SolutionStep 1Plant the first tree en draw through this tree two lines at random. On these lines the other trees will be planted.Step 2Now draw a random line through the other two lines. At the crossings you plant a tree.Step 3Draw ... Read more
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Aman died and went to Heaven. There were thousands of other people there.. Theywere all naked and all looked as they did at the age of 21. He looked around tosee if there was anyone he recognized. He saw a couple and he knew immediatelythat they were Adam and Eve. How did he know? Solution Herecognized Adam and Eve as the only people without navels. Because they werenot born of women, they had never had umbilical cords and therefore they neverhad navels.... Read more
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Oneday a man received a parcel in the post. Carefully packed inside was a humanarm. He examined it, repacked it and then sent it on to another man. The secondman also carefully examined the arm before taking it to the woods and buryingit. Why did they do this? Solution Thethree men had been stranded on a desert island. Desperate for food, they hadagreed to amputate their left arms in order to eat them. They swore an oaththat each would have his left arm cut off. One of them was a doctor and he cutthe arms off his two companions. They were then rescued. But his oath was stillbinding so he later had to have his arm amputated and sent to his colleagues. ... Read more
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Aman pushed his car. He stopped when he reached a hotel at which point he knewhe was bankrupt. Why? Solution Hewas playing Monopoly. ... Read more
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Awoman had two sons who were born on the same hour of the same day of the sameyear. But they were not twins. How could this be so? Solution Theywere two of a set of triplets (or quadruplets etc.) ... Read more
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Fivepieces of coal, a carrot and a scarf are lying on the lawn. Nobody put them onthe lawn but there is a perfectly logical reason why they should be there. Whatis it? Solution Theywere used by children who made a snowman. The snow has now melted. ... Read more
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Anthonyand Cleopatra are lying dead on the floor of a villa in Egypt. Nearby is abroken bowl. There is no mark on either of their bodies and they were notpoisoned. How did they die?   Solution Anthonyand Cleopatra were goldfish whose bowl was knocked over by a clumsy dog.... Read more
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Aman is lying dead in a field. Next to him there is an unopened package. Thereis no other creature in the field. How did he die? Solution Theman had jumped from a plane but his parachute had failed to open. It is theunopened package. Thisis sometimes given with the following rather elegant clue - as he approachedthe center of the field he knew he was going to die.... Read more
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Notfar from Madrid, there is a large wooden barn. The barn is completely emptyexcept for a dead man hanging from the middle of the central rafter. The ropearound his neck is ten feet long and his feet are three feet off the ground.The nearest wall is 20 feet away from the man. It is not possible to climb upthe walls or along the rafters. The man hanged himself. How did he do it? Solution Heclimbed on a block of ice which has since melted. Thisone is often stated with the clue of a puddle of water... Read more
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Aman walks into a bar and asks the barman for a glass of water. The barman pullsout a gun and points it at the man. The man says 'Thank you' and walks out. Solution Theman had hiccups. The barman recognized this from his speech and drew the gun inorder to give him a shock. It worked and cured the hiccups - so the man nolonger needed the water. ... Read more
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Aman lives on the tenth floor of a building. Every day he takes the elevator togo down to the ground floor to go to work or to go shopping. When he returns hetakes the elevator to the seventh floor and walks up the stairs to reach hisapartment on the tenth floor. He hates walking so why does he do it? Solution Theman is (of course) a dwarf. Variants of this puzzle include the clue that onrainy days he goes up in the elevator to the tenth floor (he uses hisumbrella!) ... Read more
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