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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 3 /5 starsI think we shouldn’t see this mirror in any critical manner; some perspective has bigger pain than analyzing the film. Our thrust should never be to torn something. Omung Kumar’s Sarbjit is a second biopic after Mary Kom which was not as deep like this, basically I was very disappointed with Mary Kom, Though this comeback is certainly not his best but it’s strong. I admire Omung Kumar for making Sarbjit alive once again in our moist eyes. Every biopic already has enough strength to convert into a good visuals whether it’s a story of a sports person or some politician or even business tycoons but very few has heart breaking quench and Sarbjit falls in this category.... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 3 /5startsBased on a true event, this story is known to many, for already defined destination, Need and needy are set but the only thing is not manifested is journey, so despite all these predictable elements #Traffic is perfect homage to its Director Late Rajesh Pillai who manages to bring some enticing twists which certainly disquiets you for moments, coerce us to hold our breaths. It is really tough to hold the audience who already aware of the result. But believe me he broke the barrier and drove his vehicle smoothly. I don’t want to discuss flaws; my concern is to greet this, which gave me an emotional treat, it’s kind of a multi-starrer film but not Star with Super tags, i... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 1 /5startWhat a brilliant kick by the producers of Baaghi?  Is this called a commercial film, which has no story, no convictions, nothing? Five pages of script twisted into more than two hours of abysmal stupidity, purely dump in many ways. I am not writing a review of this laggard flick, what I am doing is to crying my anger out through few sentences.  Actually Indians desperately needs full fledge action movie to come-out with long suppressed catharsis, it’s not just a need; it’s a kind of psychological demand of human kind. I have been watching Hollywood for so long, after making some issue based films they suddenly throw you with some good action movies to break on... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 2 /5 starsIt’s a long awaited for movie aficionados but certainly not opens with the boom. What a setback for SRK that people started leaving the theater before climax. May the concept was good or intriguing for many but the whole make was so funny that you can’t ignore the mistakes. After so long SRK’s this doppelganger draw some attention because of its dialogues and the look, which he mirrored, plummets only because of the makeup, which has continuously a visible continuity jerk. They are unable to maintain the similar look, after every minute one can easily identify that he is SRK.A very mediocre film unlike the other SRK’s flicks but this has only one particular shades ... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 2 /10 starsThis theory leaves you flummoxed because any which way the promotional activity didn’t push you to think like that. And even with first petite logic it did not push my thought that R Balki’s Ki & Ka has swiftly mussing me to think differently. Ki & Ka vociferously ensconced on the other side of establishment that why only women should only be subjugated into the kitchen, a so-called male should also lead a life as a housewife. This idea is really interesting, isn’t it? So this is clear after looking at its promotional clip that this will be going to spice one particular gender for sure and if it is a product of R Balki then there is no chance for worries, bu... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 2.5 /5*Some how the situation is different all around and this piece of action packed thriller is little outdated. After Drishyam I was expecting some unusual stuff from Mr. Nishikant Kamat but this usual storyline, loose script and even boring start made it very unreal. John Abraham as Rocky Handsome is running pawnshop in Goa where he has made emotional attachment with a little cute girl Anna, in sudden kicked-up she got abducted by the drug mafia who is also running a racket of organ trade, propel ‘Handsome’ to save his soul partner just to fill his own loneliness, action begins in its very predictable way but one thing is slightly not that straight, there is some more story ... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict:  3.5 /5 StarI wasn’t expecting this much from this surprise package, it is like I am coming out from the long dusty atmosphere after a decade, my passing days were with those stupid movies where I continuously hammered myself to bleed. This film has kind of mercury effect, which pulls me out from the boring enigma. But I want to clear one thing, don’t expect anything overly vaporized, it has family mingle up thing including little spices churn and sincerely cooked.A story of a suitable valedictory of a nasty old grandfather “Dadu” who is living in his own world to escape the family chaos, one day he is making fun of being dead and got heart attack, afterward his whole f... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 2.5 /5 starWhy Prakash Jha took so many years to introduce himself as full fledge Hero, What is pushing him so badly, putting through himself in a very risky game. Certainly his hunger came-out but surely timing was not perfect… I wonder why he took Priyanka Chopra for this film, when her caliber crosses oceans, this Quantico girl has nothing in the film to perform, her badges are totally wasted. She must have felt cheated like audience, basically he used Priyanka’s shoulder very smartly to sharpen his acting skills but Mr. Prakash Jha lost his way in his own story telling.Jai Gangaajal is simpler than simple; a typical non-convincing film where goof-ups are everywhere, one just... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 2.5 /10Vidhu Vinod Chopra must have felt proud when this ‘Wazir’ thought came into his abstruse mind “Wow what a concept, The chess, The game, The battle, The moves”. Surprisingly all these opaque ideas turned into a hackneyed story that even Mr. Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar were unable to save from debacle.  When I saw the trailer of Wazir for the first time, I was very excited about it, and was expecting that from the court of Vidhu Chopra, will see the most terrific, intelligent and intense film, one which may amplify this genre but it was serious disappointment.Danish (Farhan Akhtar) is a cop whose daughter is killed by the terrorist who was learning chess from Pandit... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 3.5 /5One of the most truthful attempts to make a kind of cinema like this, where every frame is like a painting, detailing is like once you sit inside the theatre you can feel the medieval era. Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is so clear about every frame that sometimes he himself gets carried away with the grandeur, he has constantly repeated the same images rather than intensifying the oodles of emotions. This is definitely not a brutal portrait, but flawless soothing type of goody-goody paintings all around.This is a story of one of the most intense warrior of all time, framed as a great lover after watching Mastani in the row of saving Bundelkhand. Don’t see this film as a politico... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: *1/2 /5Literally it’s a most dangerous attempt to manage the same statues as a film maker, it’s not just about to serve a stale food all the time but, it’s about getting addicted to take audience for granted. This time Mr. Rohit Shetty did the same, after getting some success for his non-deserving flicks, he is adopting the most grievous method to platter again a movie in his name. People may or may not be educated enough to understand complex cinema but one thing is very clear that when story teller choose the path of good film making where entertainment is not just taken as a tool but it is a part of film narratives where joy will also be entertain but in our Industry it bec... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 3 /5Just like every pore is not similar to another, each mind has different source of thinking, even my fingers are not akin to each other but does these developments are just a root cause of discriminations between the society. We are divided into caste,creed and race but the most disgusting of all these are the inequality of gender because it’s common in every cast, creed and race although we all are discussing so widely about this issue but the changes are still not evident in the most of the social institutions, their walls are much stronger than the voices. Amidst of all these woefulness Pan Nalin sets-up an analogue of women which is not only similar of male world but every ... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 2.5 /5What to say about this blend of multi-thoughtful, nearly philosophical and something different yet mixing the whole lot of confusion across the screen, is a total humid attempt to sit and watch this putative journey of two unknown individuals, messed-up in their worlds and trying to carry this altogether different conscience in literal way. So the Tamasha attempts to pour many facets whether you like it or not, even repeats same lines profusely without giving a chance to breathe. I was mesmerized by my own self that how I gulped this for that long, reason may be that this is one of the most awaited art work of Mr. Director Imtiaz Ali or may this be a revitalizer to see Deepika... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 2.5 /5When I saw a swarm of people awaiting for this Sooraj Barjatya’s, Salman Khan Starrer “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”, it was perfect experience for me to watch a movie in packed theatre. The charm is not only with families but even youngsters were eagerly pushing the barrier to enter. This shows the decade long wait for these duo and where people wants some light hearted family entertainment, just like “Maine Pyar Kiya” when Bollywood was in the row of mere action and stupidity this man Sooraj Barjatya confidently trickles the refreshing love story which had sense of moral responsibility. Nevertheless now we have gem of love this time,it has grandeur, magnificent s... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: Very Badशानदार ने शानदार रायता फैलाया on the eve of Dusshera Puja, even Raavana doesn’t need a Rama to slain him, he has another equally important factor to do this on precious day that is ‘Shaandaar’ of Mr. Vikas Bahl for self-suicide. Wow what a thought, this year Rama can be refrained from assassinating Raavana, he might feel relieved by that, thankful to Mr. Director Vikas Bahl for his boredom affair.I don’t have a patience to write review on this hokum, this flick fills another number into the account as one of the most disgusting film of the decade. The movie manages to enter into the cordon of Ramu Ki Aag or even Saang... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 5.5/ 10The same repetitive contrition rolling down from eyes of a Lad like earlier flick, very talkative film with absolute no story line, just the concoction of random scenes covered by some crisp dialogues. But one thing is conditioned brilliantly in both the flick is about the betrayal, Self-esteemed, selfishness of female but what went wrong? Nothing but just an emotional flares is missing throughout the female trials, actually when same old story is over powering in the mind of a writer, he tends to believe that only dialogues with some hazy lines can intrigue the broken hearts, the one and the only thing which makes an impact is an attitude in boys which was missing in earlier... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 5 /10The dark-grey-greenish feel are vital call of Mr. Sanjay Gupta but Jazbaa is not a sincere stylish flick made by him, precisely he took more bigger steps to lift Aishwarya Rai after given her a brisk whodunit story tail but except some brim of tears and husky screams, this is only about slow motion shots and drug’s educative images. I am not a follower of Sanjay Gupta’s kind of making but Aishwarya’s comeback dragged me into the theatre just to feel the scent of her charm. These days everyone is wandering around the circle of erotic-dusky skin but Aishwarya still has enough essence in her which creates ripples inside even in a person like me.But why Aishwarya Rai Bachchan... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 6.2 /10How legend falls, I have seen it through Talvar which creates the publicity blitzkrieg after yelling so much about Kurosawa’s ‘Rashomon’ that defines the nature of investigation from different perspectives… Talvar is also recounting the different versions of explanation of the most famous and complicated murder case “Aarushi Talvar” but fails to convince of the version which influences me to think in a way Director wants to show… I am amazed to see the publicity attempts to cater audiences from indirect influences, before the release of Talvar they announced that In Toronto International Film Festival 1300 tickets had been sold within an hour, here we are assumi... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 5 /10Again Madhur Bhandarkar comes-up with his kind of cinema, which has women centric substance in core, fighting with odds. This old wine is in a new bottle with same emotional outburst, suffering and exploitations that must be a choice of one but underneath glittering is just opposite which shows women, whose world of tragedy is created by them only, means they only are responsible for all their distresses. Now I must say his narratives become so repetitive that one can’t sit for 2 hours watching the same visuals which Mr. Bhandarkar has already pointed out in his earlier flicks, I mean why he become so stubborn on presenting almost similar stuff to the people who eagerly await... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 5.5 /10This film is based on a true story of a team lead by Rob Hall who runs a company ‘Adventure Consultant’ which provides an infrastructure to climbers for reaching out the Summit successfully. In 1996 this incredible event starts to climb down the highest pick, the most dangerous place of the world. Climbers has to be tested by the almost unimaginable adversity on the planet, their mettle must be measured by the tallest ego at every step, where there is no fall back, otherwise this mammoth will heavily sit on the mankind’s heart, a laugh on our ineptitude for whole life. All my expectation went slightly wrong with this inspiring journey by the set of climbers, who gave th... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
           Verdict: 5/10There are some questions still to be answered, why the Film Makers from Indian Soil don’t know how to make 'Good' historical or Biographical Movies…? This film is again a proof of that. Nevertheless even British People said that we never understand the importance of History and don't know how to write. We always believe in superfluous mythological tale which tones up our brain to satisfy superstitions and our perpetual struggle to run away from the hard facts which may unearth those cognizance which is tough to gulp…What a Man! Till some time back I didn’t know him at all but because of  my very detailed research on Buddha an... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 8/10And finally I quench my thirst after taking a deep plunge into this fantastic, commendable and very realistic ocean of Freedom Fighter Shri Gour Hari Das, whose identity is challenged by not Only his country but by his own son as well...This man took 30 long years to prove himself as a freedom fighter because to prove truth is far bigger challenge than to vindicate a lie…Ananth Narayan Mahadevan​ proves as a very sensible director, through this film he is not teaching the meaning of freedom but his narratives was, what not freedom is. India is a unique country, combination of strangers, fighting with insecurities and living perfectly in a falsie yoke… Really is this the fr... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Prague was a parlance of thoughtful commotion which shreds you in bits of all dark apathy of human nature. It was my fault that I kept away myself from this film only because of its poster which wasn’t much exciting, that momentary conclusion drove me off very far, almost for 2 years since its release (2013), made by debutant Director Ashish R Shukla, Conceived & Produced by my friend Rohit Khaitan. But question is why I am writing about this film now? My answer is simple than it appears, it’s not about watching cinema, it’s about appreciating those works which is noteworthy.Prague is a complex psychological journey which needs time to adjust into reminiscence. A brilliant architec... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 6/10Unlike Karan Johar flick, Brothers don’t follow the full fledge commercial entertainment theory, director Karan Malhotra nails a midway where he wants to show it  little complicated, on the side he carries style which jumps on the commercial track. Story begins with the shivering hand, where I felt momentum of non-commercial wave but I know the mindset Karan Johar, when Brothers embark with Akshay Kumar’s side of story, it was locked with so many threads, which has to be explained and justified further,perhaps it was such a tedious job even audience felt same tiredness, although director has sensibly adjusted it with a song with ongoing story but that purely bombed just... Read more
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Blogger: Divyabh Aryan
Verdict: 6.8/10Amiable person like Vijay Salgaonkar is living happily with his two daughters and a wife, running local cable TV in remote area of Goa. 4th standard pass-out Vijay is very fascinated to all kinds of Cinema which has a great influence over his conscience, he easily manages to solve many issues by just listening to his conscience but problem is not here, that’s waiting outside his fringe, when an outsider trespasses his families emotions and tries to malign their image, in an abrupt condition they commit a crime without even involving Vijay, but when he knows/understands the whole situation, he forces himself to save his family from going to Jail, and the chase begin with Rowd... Read more
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