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If you feel like you are just now coming out of a very dark tunnel where your mind had a rest, you have probably been the Scorpio Goddess’s guest in her enchanted home, the unknown. When the Scorpio Goddess arrives, she is so mesmerizing and captivating, that you are willing to leave your left brain logic at her entry, much like you take off your shoes when entering into some people’s earthly homes.Osmosis the UnknownFor a full lunar month, your right brain intuition just osmosis and absorbs the unknown until you feel full.  The Scorpio Goddess then instructs you to take several deep breaths, allowing you to receive even more of the mysterious dark energy. It was not a time of makin... Read more
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Blogger: rajkumar sharma
Summary- This is a great way to meditate a lot and talk to God. So please note that we call these awakenings "Jagran" because they seem sudden and yet they never complete immediately.What is awakening, if it is not an experience? It is a change that recreates every way you experience. There may or may not be an experiential element to this paradigm shift, but it does not matter. There is nothing to write home about (which is much more common), along with fireworks and awakening, which are where they land you. But where is it? In Western discourse, awakening has been wrongly articulated with 'enlightenment' that compels some sort of mystical download of knowledge or knowledge. While spiritual... Read more
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Summary: This article helps you triumph over Enemies by the astrology, tantra, Bagumukhi, mantra, horoscope, solution and Black magic. When you doing this things then no anybody can destroy you and your family and business.Now a day everybody is troubled in Business, Love life, husband wife problem and other ways. Everyone demands recourse for their problems. Everyone wants a normal life without any problems but problems are never back of peoples. So don’t worry there is a solution to your every problem in your life. Everyone has his own technology to win over their trouble. Then you can find the protection of mother Bagulamukhi. If you are in trouble Bagulamukhi help to fight the enemies.... Read more
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Summary: It is most important to know our god (Ishta Devta). Ishta devata is the god which guides to our life to the way of moksha and self-realization.The deity literally means worshipping the deity fact. Ishta devatas are responsible for opening the way of disclaimer to the native. The soul is deathless, and it travels to this mortal world many times, in various physical bodies, to get rid of the Karma Chakra and attain exemption. God help us to attain exemption and come out of the endless cycle of life and death. The worship ofIshta Devta not only ensures that the person’s entire life is well guided, protected and cared for but it also ensures that the person is moving towards the ... Read more
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Summary: This article is about my thoughts about karma, astrology and luck/fate. In this article we know how is Destiny created? And what is the role of karma and astrology?DESTINYAll those actions and time have a combined result. Destiny is destined for karma, which is destined for fate, but fate can be changed for karma.Good rites result in good fortune, similarly bad actions result in bad luck. Some people say that the reason why we have the concept of our past life and influence of past actions on the present life and present action is because our present depends partly on our past and its seems that we work a lot today but fatigue. Due to stress, we sleep and get the result of... Read more
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Summary: Get everything okay in your life and get valuable suggestion for getting unwanted powers off to you. Make your family happy and safe from unwanted and unknown powers.In the world of uncertainty, people are finding the best way of living and getting rid from their problems. Thousands of reasons that are pushing them back to the pains and aches of minds and giving them the negative thoughts by the power of evil have arrived in the lives of people. They don't deserve it but because of the power of evil, they have to suffer with this kind of problems. For the solution of these things, people are finding the peace of their minds and want to know why they have to suffer with these problem... Read more
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Summary- Many hurdles we found in our life those we cannot understand. In those situations, we need different kind of solutions to solve those problems easily.There are also many problems those are unable to solve with easy methods. In such situations, we use some different kind of things those are supernatural and unbelievable.In case if you are going to solve a problem and gets a new problem just in solving the old one, you get puzzled. In such moments, you need a helping hand that can show you the right path to go to a right direction. These all powerful solutions can be done with Jyotish Shastra, and you can now get the right solutions for your problems in accordance with your troubles a... Read more
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Summary: Feel blessed by worshiping your ista detav and we should always thank to the almighty God for giving us the life.  Ishta devata in astrology helps to know more about your ishta devata puja.Who has created this beautiful world, all natural things, and also the human beings? And the answer is almighty God. So, it’s our duty to thanks the god by showing the respect, believe and devotion towards our great creator. In India there are several custom and culture. In every culture worship is the part of the morning routine. Early morning in every culture people use to worship their ishta devata or kul devat or devi. Ishta devata in astrology shows believe in specific God or ... Read more
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The world is uncertain and there are a lot of things being not in control of your hands. You can fight with the things that are visible but what about invisible powers? These are something that common people even don’t know about. There are thousands of invisible powers being around you and sometimes giving you a hint of their existence too. You might not consider them or might be ignoring them but this doesn’t mean that they are not there. Sometimes, this becomes devastating to give you a hint of finding how things are going to be done in the same manner. There are thousands of people who prefer making their works done in the shortest time possible.Horoscope Matching is one of ... Read more
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Summary: With the effective Tantra, people are removing the troubles in their minds and being in the perfect solution of the things at the same time.Astrology is something that can tell you about what is going on in your current life and you don’t have to worry more if you are not aware of such things. With an effective Jyotish Tantra, you can analyze what the things are going to be done with you in near future. It can give a devastating and huge effect on your life and let you feel better from the upcoming things coming in life. This is helpful in many ways like if you are having the trouble related to your health, this can help you eliminate the effect of evil and give you relief.From so... Read more
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Summary: Vedas are helpful in getting information about the lives and also helpful in making yourlife smooth with a very ancient science known as Indian Vedic Astrology. This may also help peoplein knowing the upcoming events of life with the help of positions of stars, planets and other celestialbodies.What Are Vedas?According to our ancient science, it is said that the stars and planets can effect in our personal lives and we cannot get out of a problem if we don’t follow the techniques told in Vedas. As Vedas are most powerful and knowledgeable books which have the knowledge about all the celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars, Meteors, Asteroids and so on), livings and non-living ... Read more
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Summary: Baglamukhi Jyotish Tantra is the best place where you can find the solution of all your astronomical troubles.The world is changing and there is nothing certain in this world. With the changed generation, people are having more trust in technical things rather than going with the traditional ideas. The fact is that people are not able to find the right place where they could find the genuine and exact decision at the same time. Astrology is one of the most powerful and strange power from science and it is said that where the science stops working, people need the help of astrology. Vedic astrology is one of the most demanded things in the world and let you make your works ... Read more
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Since the civilization and the existence of Vedas, people are aware of a lot of knowledge. There a lot of things written in such Vedas that give us a sense of humanity and a lot of other things. Astrology is also as old as our civilization is that means, things are also the same and people are in the same position where they were when it comes to the effects of planets and other Vedic astrology variations. in the lives of human, there are thousands of things that they don’t know about and this makes their life mysterious.There are a lot of powers that people don’t know about and when it comes to common people, they even don’t know about the powers of evils but be affecte... Read more
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Summary: Astrology is one of the most effective things in the lives of people. There are thousands of strange things happening in the lives of people but when it comes to feeling the strange powers inside your brain, there are thousands of things happening in your minds.A lot of bad energy is there in the world and you have to be secure along with keeping your family to be secured from them. You can’t do this yourself because you don’t know them. Fighting against the things that are able to be seen is an easy thing but what if you can’t see your enemy. This is something that should be taken by a professional astrologer. They will give you a better and advance protection along with some... Read more
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This is the Dosha that is found in people from the birth because of the position of Mangal Grah at the time of your birth. This also gives a lot of energy and gives you a lot of trouble that appears at the time of marrying. In this fast-paced world, nothing is certain and all people are facing a lot of problems in their lives. Moreover, when it comes to living your life, you might have to take the solution of the problems that are appearing in your life. Feeling physical pains, aches and mental troubles are the problems that you can take in solution but what if you have to face some problems that you can’t see even with your open eyes? You may have to face some devastating effects of such ... Read more
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The soul is something beyond the understanding of science and it can’t be bounded by the rules and regulations. Moreover, most of the scientists believe in the existence of souls and eternal powers. These are pretty effective and it is said that where the works and effects of science end, the effect of unknown powers starts from there. This is somewhere strange but there are some people who can tell you why and what the causes of making such things happen. There might be a lot of things happening in your lives that you don’t know about. The major thing that you need to apply in your lives is the help from some people who would be unknowing about these things. There are thousands... Read more
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Summary : Finding yourself alone and feeling some unwanted powers of evil is really something that can bring trouble in your mind. You have to get rid from and the solution can bring you to us. We are the organization that can bring revolution in your minds. Tantra Jyotish is the key that we use and forecast what the cause that is making people to face troubles. Pt. Rajkumar Sharma is the one that can tell you what you should do.Moreover, staying far from the powers of evils and filling peace in your mind is our aim. We are filling happiness in the minds of people that is allowing them to live in a better world. This is the major requirement of a man who want to live a good life. We can prov... Read more
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Summary : Life is not certain. No one knows what is going to be in the very next moment. Moreover, you can get assured and know a little bit about what may be done with the help of astrology and its tools. Baglamukhi Jyotish Tantra is the organization that helps you predicting the upcoming things. Marriage is the event that can be said as the biggest moment in your life. If you are not doing everything right, things can go in the wrong direction. Moreover, you have to be insure whether all the horoscopes are matching correctly or not because these are the signs of a happy married life. Pt. Rajkumar Sharma is the man who can help you knowing better about your married life. You can get to... Read more
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Summary- With the effective power of Tantra, you can easily get the best life and become happier with the same.Most of the people thing about the world what they see with their naked eyes. The reality is somewhere far from this. The world is a little bit unknown from this. You have to think more about taking any of these decisions. You have to be aware with the things that are coming in better ways. There are thousands of things that you need to take care of and you need to do whatever you want to do. The most important thing in the life is to have the most important thing when it comes to your life is to have a secured life. The most important thing comes there in the form of happiness and ... Read more
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Summary: Our great astrologer is available to give you suggestions about your each and every problem. We can also help you in solving problems just by keeping a precious gem with you. Now, you have option to make your life much better without fearing the problems that comes from unwanted and dangerous spiritual powers.We are living in 21st century and there are lots of people who are opposing the belief and presence of god. Thereafter, many people are also present on the earth who believe that god have the power to change each and every life. Here, we define that how a human being can change life of itself. Just have a visit on us and we shall solve the problem.Know, Believe and be the part ... Read more
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People always want a happy and perfect life, but how it may possible? If you want to have a perfect life and want to remove each and every problem from your life, you must to read this blog completely.As we all know that no one is living a perfect life. So, how we can make it perfect and how we can remove the obstacles of our life events to run it smoothly? Well, science doesn’t have any correct answer for a perfect life, but if you will have the knowledge to connect yourself to your Ishta Devta, you can make it perfect with some different kinds of ways.What is the meaning of Ishta Devata?Ishta Devata is a kind of spirit that connects with your soul and only understand a different way of c... Read more
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Today’s time a lot of peoples are fond of reading horoscopes. You can not only read them in books, newspaper and magazines but also can read them through internet. There is a wide area of horoscopes and you can select which field you want to get predictions or answers from. These areas are success, love, marriage, money, health and many more.If you want to read faithful Indian astrology daily, weekly & monthly horoscopes, you can contact astrologers through online. You can subscribe on our website to get free daily horoscopes. You can easily access every day.In the field of success horoscopes, it deals with concerns on success in many fields like love, business or study etc. It will gi... Read more
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Summary:- The ‘Kundalini’ word comes from the Hindu tradition. It is used to describe a form of mysterious energy that lies passive in all of us at the foot of our spine. Kundalini energy has been described as hot and tingling white energy. When kundalini is awakened, it begins to rise. We can see the relationship between kundalini and yoga. Yoga is a spiritual practice for purification which can be seen as preparation for rising and awakening of Kundalini. There are different ways for the kundalini to rise and awaken which provided by astrologers. Kundalini experiences from all over the world. Some people believe that kundalini is the power of God in the human body. This is true from a ... Read more
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Summary- With the help of the astrologers of Bagulamukhi Jyotish Tantra, you can get help about your future and can make your life more easy and comfortable. You may consult us at bagulamukhijyotishtantra.com. Our experienced astrologers could have foreseen various things such as health, compatibility and choosing right career etc. Our Astrologers give you tool that will help you to make your important decisions. You can set goals and make plans to achieve success in all spheres of lives.As you know about Vedic astrology, is the study of positions of heavenly bodies such as mars, sun and moon or other planets with respect to the zodiac and the interpretation of the effect. It is an ancient I... Read more
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Gems and Stones are of different kinds, and these have also the different kinds of powers, if you use gems just for attraction, you must to have the knowledge that these gems are also capable to change your life. In the Indian Astrology, these gems are very effective and powerful; these gems have the perfect ability to do different tasks without giving you any sign.About GemsIt is believed that the power of different gods is connected with particular types of gems, and when it comes to solve your problems you need the help of god to show you right path. God helps with a different way and we have to find that particular way to find the perfect solution. These gems and stones are not only to g... Read more
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