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Never seen an image as u,Never met a person lyk u,I know u r with me always,But still I wish u were here,Still I feel Ur presence everywhere.Can’t think of maths without u,Can’t enjoy Pi’s life without u,U r & will b my inspiration,I’ll always b wanting from u,A never ending motivation.U r sitting too far,And here…I’m sitting,Missing Ur tight scolding;Missing Ur slight slaps,And the moments while studying,When u dozed off 2 get some naps.Ur anger-melting smileIs missed by me,Ur voice is missed too,And m madly tryingTo become lyk u.U made me smile whenever I cried,U helped me out whenever I struggled,And today when I did mathsIt made my mind getting puzzled.Now I can just wish... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
Children are most precious gift given by god to mankind.They wach the things around us and creates so many dimentions of their imaginations.They explores all thierimaginary power and creates new things beyond our thoughts.          Today I am portraying before you a little exhibition of some kids.(Though I am publishing them but here I am using word exibetion.Because they need your appreciation and attention.) So,please look through their creations and enjoy with us.Artist--Arnav Yash SrivastavSr k.G.Gopal sharma schoolPawaiMumbaiArtist---KhushbuClass-3Saroj shiksha MontessoryIndiranagarLucknowArtist----AkankshaClass-5-DSt Marry convent SchoolAllahabad(U.P.)Artist---Nitya shefaliCl... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
Theydwell in our minds,They stay in our hearts,These special feelings,Are known as thoughts.Thoughts may comes,Thoughts may go,They never need permission,For ever presence to show.Thoughts can make someone happy,Thoughts can make someone sad,’Coz thoughts are feelings,Sometimes good and sometimes bad.Pursue your thoughts,Listen to your heart,If you wanna be true,In life’s every part.So, never blame your thoughts & never think wrong,’Coz wrong thoughts may stop your life’s merry song.                              JJJJJPoetess—Nitya Shefali8-ASt. Dominic Savio College.... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
Chicken,rat and beetle were good friends.They always helped each other in times of problems.One morning they were playing in a field.Suddunly they saw a frog was coming towards them.He was jumping furiously.Chicken asked him,‘friend seems like you are in a hurry.Where are you going?’     ‘I am on a world tour.’frog told proudly.‘Wow... world tour....?can we join you?’ant asked him in verySweet voice.‘Why not...?In fact i was searching for some friends who could join me on this tour.I will be happy if you all accompany me.’frog Answered cheerfully.‘Ok...let’s go with him.We will also see the world.’chicken said.Ant eager to explore the outside world said, ‘yes yes... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
Rich in sacrifice,A smiley slice,With the extracts of encouragement & power,This is how God’s grace will shower.The whole of happiness,And pinch of sorrows,Can make life livable,So,these you may borrow.Living for others,As well as for yourself,Will give you a peaceful &Satisfactory health.So,live every moment,Of your life,With compassion as your friend,And honesty as your wife-----.000BY:Nitya ShefaliVIII- ASt. Dominic Savio CollegeINDIRA NAGAR,Lucknow... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
Festivals comeTo boost our livesFestivals comeTo renovate our livesFestivals comeTo awake our dreamsFestivals comeTo remake our lives.Festivals comeTo recharge our soulsFestivals comeTo start new projectsFestivals comeTo refresh our thoughtsFestivals comeTo create new feelings.Festivals comeTo paint our facesFestivals comeTo make new dressesFestivals comeTo cook new dishesFestivals comeTo make new wishes.Festivals comeTo sing new songsFestivals comeTo step new danceFestivals comeTo play new flutesFestivals comeTo give us salutes.So welcome all festivalsWith your feelingsWith full emotionsWith your heartWith your soulWith your free spiritsWith your blessings.Be the part of the festiv’s joyM... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
Every child is very special and innovative in this word. Children have their own imagination, own creation .They don’t need any disturbance or interference from elders. They are strong willed, hence Whatever they decide they do it. They don’t like any Question at the time of their creation .But they only need our words of appreciation and inspiration…so please tell them how beautiful their creations are..how priceless their designs are. Have a look on these younger artist’s work……..Artist------Arnav Yash SrivastavJr k.G.Gopal sharma schoolPawaiMumbai Artist----AkankshaClass-4-DSt Marry convent SchoolAllahabad(U.P.)                                           ... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
O motherHow lovely and pleasant the weather is todayIt’s calling mePlease allow meTo go out in the garden.WherePeacock is dancingFlowers are smiling withTheir refreshed cheerful facesPlants and trees are creatingA whistling soundsWith their extreme beautyEvery life on earth isDancing to the rhythm ofRain’s sweet musicSo why not me?Mother please allow me to goOut in the gardenThough the thunderOf the clouds and lightening bolts  Are frighteningBut the peace of rain’s musicIs superb and its overlapping theHammering sound of cloudsmake it less frightening.I also want to danceTo rain’s musicWant to float paper boatsIn the small pond of our gardenWant to chase the jumping frogsWant to jo... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
VillageO, my sweet villageWhere have you disappearedI always miss you.....Many times I searched you inConcrete’s jungle of cityI searched you in my home’sNearby parksI searched you on my computer’s screenAnd also tried to search you onLong black charcoal roadsBut alas……I could’nt found you any where.VillageO, my sweet villageWhere have you disappeared?Some times I try to search youIn my defused memoriesSome times in my dreamsSome times also try to search youIn my books,charts and mapsBut alas…….I always fail in my all attemptsTo find you.VillageO, my sweet villageWhere have you disappeared?O, my sweet villageOnceAt least for onceI want to meet youWant to go backTo my childhoo... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
Grand mother…O my grand motherWhere are youWhere are your sweet songs…Where is your sweet food…..?I always miss your soft touch On my foreheadI always miss your fairy talesAt the bed timeWhere is that blue skyAnd Full moon lightThe soothing shade Of those mango trees…?Grand mother….o my grand mother Where are you ?I always remember my childhoodAnd the time I spent with you….My tear swollen eyes for want of foodAnd your sweet words “wait my prince. I am baking breads for you”And your fingers getting burntFrom the frying pan due to hurry…..And I also remember your sweet lulla-bysWhich you always sang to me at dinner timeTo feed me ....with your loving handsWill these things ... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
                    There was a girl  named Salma. She lived with her parents in a small house. Her brother’s name was Saleem. Salma used to call her brother Sallu.          Salma used to get up early each morning. After getting ready she would go to her school. After returning from school and having lunch she used to take rest. In the evening all her friends would come to her home.     Raju,deenu,sheela,Paro and Maku. And then they would play games. All  children enjoyed this a lot.        In summer their schools closed for vaccation. Now these children started getting bored. They did’nt know how to spend their long vacation. To them,their homes felt like jails.... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
children's heaven: My New picture story book in hindi: "My this book is avelable in 4 languages--Hindi,Kannad,Telagu and Marathi. PUBLISHERPrathamBooks633-634,4th 'c'Main,6th B cross,OMBR LayoutB..."... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
My this book is avelable in 4 languages--Hindi,Kannad,Telagu and Marathi.PUBLISHERPrathamBooks633-634,4th "c"Main,6th B cross,OMBR LayoutBanaswadi,bangalore--560043phone-+91-80--254209725wabsite-www.prathambooks.orgemail-info@prathambooks.org... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
Children are most precious gift given by god to mankind.They watch the things around us and creates so many dimensions of their imaginations.They explores all their imaginary power and creates new things beyond our thoughts.          Today I am portraying before you a little exhibition of some kids.Though I am publishing them but here I am using word exhibition.Because they need your appreciation and attention. So,please look through their creations and enjoy with us. AkankshaClass-3-DSt Marry convent SchoolAllahabad(U.P.) Nitya shefaliClass-7-CSt dominic savio collegeLucknow Mukti rajClaas-6R.L.B.College Lucknow  ShreyasC... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
Cockroach,Cricket,fly and little Ant were best friends.Whole day they enjoyed and played in their homes.Their movement starts in the darkness of night.One dark night they moved from their homes.      At first Cockroach reached in the kitchen.Then Cricket came.Both were in search of food.They were thinking about the place where they could get food.In the mean time fly also joined them.They started their discussion.             “ Friends, on which way we can go today?” cockroach asked.             “ On that way.”Cricket answered.  &n... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
He is a teen aged boyWaiting to see a life full of joy.He starts his morningWith a sip of teaAnd explores the whole nightFloating on the wheels ofThe dense cigarette smoke.He pumps the air inCycle’s tubesHe washes the plates in the road side restraintHe picks pockets in local trainsHe blacks the cinema ticketsHe plays with a knifeWith his wounded fingersHe has blown all his worries incigarette smoke.He is a teen aged boywaiting to see a life full of joy.His dreams are compressed in  aColorful  balloonhe watches the flying balloonswith his blank and emotionless eyessome times he watches thedirection of windwhich sends his dreams toGod’s place hoping thatGod will return his ballo... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
                       0 These children are fortunate because they go to school.0 These children are loved by their parents and society.0 These children are getting health care from this society.0 all these facilities are provided to them so that they remain happy and healthy.Then why can’t I get the same love and affection from the society….why do they disown me??? Please give me a chance to grow,to live life, to get loved by some one,to get good health and education,to be happy,…..Please help me…….…………I hope you will do it soon.             &nb... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
How beautiful  are the banks of Ganges.Usually I sit in eveningon the bank of holy Gangesdipping my feet inits clean and deep watermany beautiful thoughts and feelingscome in my mind and heartwith every waves of  the holy water.I watch the sun again and  yet againsun changes into a red shining ballit takes a dive inthe deep golden water of Gangespromising to see methe next morning.I watch the fisherman’sclothless kids divingfrom heights in the Ganges waterwithout any fearas they have faith in the mother Gangathat she will always nurse themin her lap.Children start swimminglike a group of golden fishsome water birds alsofollow the kidstries todefeat the boatswhich are competi... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
A big old tamarind tree stood at the outskirts of a village. Its branches were so thick that nobody could climb it. This tree was the house of many small and beautiful birds. Many birds like parrot, pigeon, cuckoo, magpie, golden bird lived on this tree. All the birds were good friends. They always played together, sang together, and made sweet music.          One fine sunny morning all these birds were playing and singing. Suddenly, a woodpecker came and sat on a nearby tree and watched the birds play and dance together. Those birds hardly noticed him. After a few minutes, he went to them and requested, “ Friends, I am alone in this world. I have no... Read more
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Blogger: Hemant Kumar
Every nighta  knocking soundis heardon my room’s window.Suddenlythe window opensautomaticallyAnd a gust of windrushes in my room.The wind fills my roomwith the sweet smell ofjasmine,magnolia and rose.But before I can store that smellin my mind heart and soulA second gust of windcomes in roomand takes that sweet smelltowards my neighbour’s  window.000Hemant Kumar... Read more
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