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आ. विवेक पंडित, वसई - pvivek2308@gmail.comमाझ्या प्राणाहूनही प्रिय स्वतंत्र भारता,आज अनेक वर्षांनी तुला पत्र लिहायला बसलोय. तसं तर गेली ३० वर्षे तू भेटतोच आहेस मला. कधी कुण्या दीन-दुबळ्यांच्या अश्रुतून, कधी भूकबळींच्या वेदनेतून, तर कधी उपेक्षितांच्या दुर्लक्षिलेल्या जाणीवेतून. ... Read more
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Blogger: Vivek Pandit
विधान भवनाच्या पायऱ्यांवर विवेक पंडित यांचा ठिय्यामुंबई - वसईतील निष्पाप जनतेवर अमानुष लाठीमार करणाऱ्या दोषी पोलिसांवर कारवाई करण्यात यावी; तसेच वसई महापालिकेतून 35 गावे वगळण्याच्या आदेशाची अंमलबजावणी करावी, या मागण्यांसाठी वसईचे आमदार विवेक पंडित यांनी आज विध... Read more
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Blogger: Vivek Pandit
vasai people sharing their views, expectations about the current transport facility. Shri Pandit interact with the passengers last week to get know their problems, expectations about the current transport facility. as well as to know their views about the decision to start ring route bus facility in vasai east. people were enthusiastically sharing their problems, expectations with their M.L.A . They were satisfied with the decision of ring route bus facility. It was very unusual scene , M.L.A was getting in conversation with people out side the railway station and receiving overwhelming response. Inaugration of ring route bus facility... Read more
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Blogger: Vivek Pandit
I am not surprised but again experienced the corrupt bureaucracy even in electoral process. Ms. Revati Gaikar, Returning officer of Vasai for Vasai- virar municipal corporation, she has acted illegally and abuse the powers.She denied the candidature of Mrs. seema Dhondekar for being defaulter of Municipal Corporation. she has accepted my argument but after interference of opponent she ruled against Mrs. Dhondekar. Here we are approaching High court, today is the HearingHope to get justice from Court.... Read more
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Blogger: Vivek Pandit
 Thousands of villagers from all over Thane district gathered at Saket Road on Sunday under the banner of Shramajeevi Sanghatana to protest against the police lathicharge on Vasai MLA Vivek Pandit and his supporters on March 5. The villagers marched from Saket road to Tembhi naka, where, amid heavy police bandobast, Pandit, his wife Vidyulata and Shiv Sena MLA Eknath Shinde addressed the rally. Pandit said their agitation was against the state government for democracy and freedom. “Whatever our freedom fighters fought for, they sacrificed their lives for freedom, and the Chavan government has snatched away that freedom and made slaves out of people. They have raped democracy with the ... Read more
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Blogger: Vivek Pandit
Thane MLAs vow to take up issues of tribals Three newly-elected MLA's from Thane district have vowed to jointly take up the issues of tribals in the district. Speaking at a felicitation function organised at the Shirsad Phata in Vasai last night, the MLAs, Chintaman Wanga of BJP from Vikramgadh, Vishnu Savra of BJP from Bhiwandi-Rural and Vivek Pandit, an Independent from Vasai, declared that they along with Daulat Daroda, former MLA from Sahapur, will be working towards resolving the long pending issues of the tribals. Mr Pandit said the felicitation was in fact for citizens of Vasai, who had fought against the terror of the 'Mafia dons' from the Vasai-Virar region.   On the occas... Read more
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Blogger: Vivek Pandit
  Shree Vivek Pandit elected in Vasai Shramajivi Sanghatana's Vivek Pandit has won the Vasai assembly seat with a margin of 16,737 votes after defeating Bahujan Vikas Aghadi's candidate Narayan Mankar.The controversial issue of inducting 53 villages into the jurisdiction of the newly-formed Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation (VVMC), and the protest against this move, proved fruitful for Pandit. The state formed the VVMC in March and inducted these villages in the civic corporation.After the move, Bahujan Vikas Aghadi's legislator Hitendra Thakur and newly-elected MP Baliram Jadhav had to face the ire of villagers. For two days in August, Vasai saw violent protests. Pandit started an... Read more
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Blogger: Vivek Pandit
It's Our Promise to the People of Vasai 'Vasai Jan Aandolan' is a forum established by the People of Vasai for protection of their rights. Aandolan has unanimously conferred candidature (for 133, Vasai Assembly Constituency) to Mr. Vivek Raghunath Pandit (Bhau), a resilient leader. We as 'Vasai Jan Aandolan' are committed to overall and all-inclusive development of Vasai. We assure that our every decision will bear the mandate of 'Will of the People'. We will strive hard to fulfill every wish of the People of Vasai. Policy issues concerning Vasai will be raised in the State Assembly and consistent follow up on issues in the purview of Central Government will be done. This is not a mere manif... Read more
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Blogger: Vivek Pandit
Bio-DataConscientious LeaderWe are about to cast our valued vote to elect our representative for State Assembly. Mr. Vivek Pandit is an ideal person to shoulder this responsibility. He is educated, thorough, studied and uncompromising when it comes to interest of people. He is a visionary recognised as Champion of Social Justice not just in our own country but worldwide. Here is a brief life sketch of Mr. Pandit.Vivek Pandit – Leader as should beActivism Since Student Days:Mr. Vivek Pandit has been involved in social movement since his student days. Rashtra Seva Dal and Jayprakash Narayan's students' movement groomed him to what he is today. Mr. Pandit fought stridently for the protection ... Read more
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Blogger: Vivek Pandit
Unanimous Candidateof Vasai Jan AandolanVIVEK PANDIT (Bhau)Michel Furtado:Leadership of Mr. Vivek Pandit is not confined to the caste, religion and party politics. He has spent his life for the society. Vasai Jan Aandolan Samiti feels proud to present a competent candidate like him to the people of Vasai. He is capable to end corruption and terrorism in Vasai. He will effectively represent Vasai in State Assembly.Milind Khanolkar:Vivek Pandit is one of the struggling children of Sane Guruji. Rashtra Seva Dal has shaped his personality. He has respect for all religion and love for poor. I am sure that he will be ideal leader of Vasai.Shyam Patkar:Vivek Pandit is a 'visionary' and extraordinar... Read more
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Blogger: Vivek Pandit
Read more about Vivek pandit...We shall overcomeVivek Pandit, anti-bonded-labour campaigner, recounts the the journey his work has taken to free bonded workers in Maharashtra.Antislavery AwardRecognizing Bravery of Various KindsTransforming the Lives of India's Broken PeopleBRITISH MP HONOURS MAHARASHTRA COUPLE FIGHTING AGAINST BONDED LABOUR IN INDIAAnita Ramu Dhangda: Bonded for a causeHut schools for India's child laborershttp://ow.ly/15T15Rhttp://www.mumbaimirror.com/index.aspx?page=article&sectid=2&contentid=2009090920090909042239234383dbee2#ftr2http://www.telegraphindia.com/1090811/jsp/nation/story_11346413.jsphttp://www.vasaikar.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&am... Read more
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Blogger: Vivek Pandit
Over Whelming Support of Peopleto 'Vasai Jan Aandolan', an All Party AllianceVasai is an exception to other 287 assembly constituencies in the state of Maharashtra. Rebels and havocs are common all over. 133-Vasai Constituency is all exception and one can see a completely unlike picture here.All the political parties with different philosophies have joined hands in hand to battle against 'Mafia Raj' in Vasai. They all are actively involved in the election campaign and are supporting Mr. Vivek Pandit. Mr. Pandit is receiving over whelming support from Vasaikars of different religions, castes and classes. Vasaikars are intrigued by this extra ordinary all party alliance.Different political and... Read more
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Blogger: Vivek Pandit
Today I am sharing some context of my newly released book.This book is a translated version of my ‘Fearless Mind’ book. The title of this book is inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s well-known poem ‘where the mind is without fear’. In this poem he gives the description of the word “Freedom”. His Idea of freedom was different, it's not related with the term Independence. Gurudev always said, ‘If the people never feel the feelings of freedom from their heart.' Then that Freedom is meaningless. At the end of poem Gurudev asks for worship to God. Which is “May God keep fearless everyone in my country, every person of my country can live with dignity and without fear in this world... Read more
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