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“Who kills the Punjab CM?” was decided based on a coin toss between two Sikh policemen. 17 years later, among the 1,338 Indians currently on death row, why is he more important than others? Read my latest article on NRI.Filed under: Politics... Read more
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Blogger: सौरभ राय
An under-appreciated fact about Indian politics is the influence of women in it. This is extraordinary, especially when we consider the oppression of women in the subcontinent for ages. India’s two major religions- Hinduism and Islam, have in the past been practically hostile to the emancipation of women, when compared to the western cultures. Yet, women power in Indian politics in unmatched! Well, has it done any good to the nation?- is the question we must ask.We have to agree on the fact that, except maybe Mamata Banerjee, most powerful Indian women leaders had their paths paved by male patrons. Mayawati and Jayalalitha were the protegees of Kanshi Ram and MGR, respectively. Both Sus... Read more
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I wonder why there was hardly any newspaper editorial or television show that depicted the importance of labour-day. Labourers constitute a major part of any successful society, whose presence account greatly to the progressiveness of the society. I wonder if we have become so busy commercializing events and festivals that we forget to even acknowledge days like these?It is interesting, how events and festivals, as they became popular, tend to lose their meanings. Diwali, for example, today is neither seen as a harvest festival nor as a religious one signifying Rama’s return to Ayodhya or Lakshmi’s emergence during the churning of the ocean. Today the lovely act of lighting diyas is a mi... Read more
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Blogger: सौरभ राय
In-spite of 24 hour coverage of the recent ‘Parliament vs Military cold war’, our ‘intellectual’ media heroes terribly failed in identifying or addressing any of the real problems the series of events posed. Read my latest article on the NRI.Filed under: Philosophy, Politics... Read more
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Blogger: सौरभ राय
In the 1992 British general elections, Neil Kinnock led the British Labour Party, which eventually lost. With that he left politics and became a university president. In 2000, Al Gore lost to George Bush, after which, he left politics and became an environmentalist. When these leaders withdrew following a defeat, their parties got a chance to make fresh starts with new leaders, new ideas.Compare this with the Indian democracy. In Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha an autocratic and corrupt leader, was voted out in 1996. Her successor Karunanidhi, another autocratic, corrupt and dynastically obsessed leader, was voted out in 2001. Jayalalitha came in again, and was voted out in 2006. Then Karunanidhi ... Read more
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Blogger: सौरभ राय
“To provide the most educative and enlightening material. To promote right thinking and Living among people. To strengthen the moral fibre of the society. To help acquire and sustain knowledge, success, health and happiness.” - this is the Mission Statement of Wisdom Magazine, a low-priced magazine for kids (and adults like me). Wisdom was founded in 1973, and since then edited by Dr. K V Govinda Rao, until recently, when the visionary left us!Well, in an issue in 2009,  had written-“Some times we face an amusing question: Where do we belong? Before we go in quest of answer, we must realize that we belong to ourselves. We are an island within ourselves. That island can be as... Read more
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Blogger: सौरभ राय
Our minister of environment and forests recently said- “More than 14 species of birds from India are on the verge of extinction due to poaching, excess use of pesticides, harmful chemicals, and loss of habitat. However, the “National Bird” peacock is not currently under the threat of extinction” This strongly reminded me of a film that had once given me sleepless nights- Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds‘The film depicts various bird species joining together to wage war against the human race. “They’re coming! They’re coming!” were the words yelled, when the generally harmless fine feathered creatures decided to turn on man. The birds in the film were angry. They knew t... Read more
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Blogger: सौरभ राय
When Kurosawa, aged 84, wanted to make a film on his dreams, people knew it was going to be a masterpiece. The prospect of sitting and being two hours’ worth of a person’s dreams is, on the face of it, not a very pleasing one. One’s dreams properly interest only oneself. Making it worthy is indeed a tough task, which none other than Kurosawa could have accomplished. Dreams, was intended to be Kurosawa’s last film, although he made two more films later!Dreams was the first film that Kurosawa wrote all by himself. Here, ordinary questions of likelihood do not apply. Analyzing the intention, composition or punctuation becomes difficult, with the ever changing story and style. One mo... Read more
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Blogger: सौरभ राय
The recent assembly election results have clearly shown that, while Congress is loosing grounds in state level politics, the BJP too has failed to capitalize on it in building a stronghold beyond the north-western part of India. While Congress seems all set to fall in the 2014 general elections, the question is- Will BJP rise?In a democracy, not just a strong governance, but also a strong opposition becomes a necessity. In today’s Indian politics, neither the governance, nor the opposition has shown sign of any strength. BJP has the potential, but it terribly lacks leadership and vision at present. To be able to become a truly national party, and not a north-Indian party with limited reach... Read more
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After failures in numerous other states, the Congress General Secretary has clearly failed to work wonders for the party again. Not that he was expected to, but a respectable show in UP would have strengthened his credentials as a leader. Despite multiple shows by him and his sister Mrs Vadra (who still claims to be a Gandhi) in Amethi and Rae Bareilly, two of Congress strongholds, they lost 8 of the 10 seats there!Will the Congress, one of the oldest and democratic (well, it claims to be one!) parties of the world be able to trust Rahul again? I hate the very thought of it, but if I was a congressman, I would have loved to dump Rahul. His presence in the party has led to a party that ... Read more
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Blogger: सौरभ राय
The punctuation of Yojimbo cannot be explained by camera cuts and speed alone. Yojimbo, more than any other Kurosawa film, deploys music and movements to enforce punctuation. The beginning and end of the film are like overture and postlude. The heroism of our protagonist is accompanied with a musical theme and distinctive styles. The subtle interplay of these punctuational movements eventually create magic!In the scenes where Mifune gets both sides to fight each other and sits and enjoys on the fire tower, the camera is deliberately placed very low so that not only Mifune, but also each side in the battle is visible. They emerge, therefore from either side of the screen, just like they would... Read more
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Kazuo Miyagawa had worked with Kurosawa before just once- for Rashomon. In Rashomon, Miyagawa did not only what Kurosawa envisioned, but also presented his own ideas- like the low angle photography which enforces comic aspects of the woodcutter’s version, and the long swordfight shots, to make the entire duel slightly ridiculous. Since Rashomon, both Kurosawa and Miyagawa, rose to international fame but could never work together, since they worked for different companies. When Kurowasa had his intent clear of making Yojimbo visually stunning, against all odds, he chose Miyagawa!Miyagawa’s style in Yojimbo, consisted of almost perfectly balanced, yet unsymmetrical framing, very peculiar i... Read more
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