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Blogger: usha
So, I was talking about designing our new home. Now as I see my house, I can give you some tips, that might help you in giving final touches to your paper map. I would advice that all houses should have enough free space for light and air to come in. That for me, is the most practical requirement, that we all should aim at. Next, although I am not a big believer of Vaastu, I would still suggest you to follow its basics, especially regarding the  entrance gate of the house.On a practical note, I would advice that kitchen should be as far away from all the toilets as possible ! So should be the 'Puja' room, i.e. if you plan to make one. It should have a small garden, and it should be full... Read more
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Blogger: usha
Now that we were done with the builder, our next step was to design the house. We had a sketch in our mind, and we were hoping that it comes out in real, from paper to bricks !We narrated our requirements to the builder, and he used some software, add his own suggestions, and provided some rough sketches (graphics rather !) to us. We debated day and night for on the final plan of our house, and at finally, after long discussions, we finally settled for a common sketch out, which overall satisfied every member's requirement.There was a small garden,and enough parking for two cars  at the front. The entrance opened in the main hall of the house, which has stair moving to the first flour. ... Read more
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Blogger: usha
All right, as I have already suggested that one needs to find a right builder for making a house. My money would be on someone you know personally. Second option will be to select from the recommendations of close relatives and friends that you trust. The final alternative will be to look in classifieds.If you go for the second or the third option, then its very important to analyze the builder before you finalize him. It is very important to know about his professionalism and also a bit about his nature. Ask for his earlier works, and if possible try to visit a few of the. That will give you an idea about how good is her at his work. Also when you visit his creations, then confirm his goodw... Read more
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Blogger: usha
So, as I was talking about finding the right person for building your house. We already had a close relative for that. We knew he was kind in nature, and not like an authoritative, diplomatic builder that you expect of a profession like that.We never have to bargain with him about the contract prize, and it all went smoothly. He use to come for payments at fixed time interval of 15 days (as per every 'amavasya' - no moon day), and as he was a relative, (and a good one !), we had a good understanding between us. If he requires funds at odd occasions, he would inform us is advance so that we can make our arrangements accordingly. Same with requirements of materials. He took care of everything,... Read more
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Blogger: usha
After we bought a plot, the next that we needed to take was to look our for a builder. Fortunately, we had a relative here as well! You might find the mention of relatives irritating, but I am here to share my experience with you, and I reiterate, that  at the end of the day, thing work out more smoothly and effectively with personal contacts.I will strongly recommend all of you to first look out for someone you know to finalize as a builder. If you dont know anyone, then better inquire from your close friends and relatives, to suggest some reliable person to you. Looking at the classified should be the last thing in your mind ! Trust me, if you can get the basics right, the you wont ha... Read more
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Blogger: usha
So, in this way, the first step at making our sweet home was done! To sum up, I will advice you to buy a plot from someone you have a relation with, or at least some kind of connection. This really helps in getting the right price, as well as, it minimizes chances of any kind of fraud too.Before we were thinking of  buying the plot, we came to hear about that it is a disputed plot. Now in these kind of situations, you need to confirm the news. We inquired fro our relative, who had connection with the administrative authority concerned, and he asked the local area of jurisdiction, (under which the plot comes) to inquire further through records. He later confirmed that the dispute was ind... Read more
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Blogger: usha
 So, after searching and having a nice look at the options available, we finalized a plot which was around half a kilometer away from our residence. It was a new colony, and we liked the location, as it was calm and quite, with a nice colony park, right in front of our plot.We bought it around a year back, and at that time their were lots of empty plots in that area, including the one next to us. Now after about an year, we see that the price of land have be on riots ! Not that it was any less expensive back then, when we bought the plot, but in just an year we came to know that our neighboring plot was sold at about 30 % more than what we paid ! So this gives you an idea about how much... Read more
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Blogger: usha
In the last post, I was telling you about our experience with buying a plot for our home. The most important experience that I had during this home making venture is that ultimately, it our personal relations, that counts more than professional relations, as we saw that things became much easy, if we are dealing with people whom we already now n person, rather than a complete stranger professional. Anyways, as I was taking about plot, we went to see a few houses (we were also considering buying a readymade one !) but things didn't worked out well. We didn't got what we were looking for, and we decided to buy a plot, and make a house exactly as per our needs. While we were looking for plot, w... Read more
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Blogger: usha
The first thing that we needed was to buy a plot for our house. We decided that we won't build a house on loan, as we have seen no one living in peace after he takes one, be it for buying a care, or home ;) By grace of god, we had enough savings, mostly because we lived a very sober life, with none of our family members into any kind of addictions whatsoever.Anyways, for plot, we were looking something close to our present residence, where we were residing on rent. As we liked our present area, we were eager to  stay somewhere close to it. We inquired about plot's availability near by, and also started looking for it in local classifieds. After a few weeks, we found a few classified tha... Read more
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Blogger: usha
We recently made our own house. It was an interesting experience to see our baby come into shape day by day. I though, it would be great, if I can share my experience of making a house, right from buying a plot to its 'grahapravesh' (house entrance ceremony performed in India) with all of you.May be you can also get some help in case someday, if you make a home for yourselves in future ! I hope it will be fun !... Read more
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